K-12 Teaching Degree and Career Details

  • Associate of Arts in Elementary Education: Requirements to Complete an AA in Elementary Education Degree Program

    Elementary Education professionals need to understand how children develop mentally in order to properly educate them. An associate's degree program in Elementary Education prepares one for a career as a teacher assistant. Graduates of such programs are also in a position to gain a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education which is required to become a fully licensed teacher.

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education: Course Curriculum for a BS in Elementary Education Degree Program

    The course curriculum for a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education combines academic liberal arts courses with practical hands-on training in elementary education methods. Teachers-in-training learn skills, methods and strategies for developing and executing lesson plans, leading an elementary classroom and assessing student performance and progress. A Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education course curriculum also prepares students for state licensure exams.

  • Elementary Education Degree Online: Course Curriculum for an Online Elementary Education Degree

    The course curriculum for an online Elementary Education degree will vary by level of degree and format of the program. Typically, associate's degree programs in Elementary Education ready students for pursuit of a bachelor's degree, while bachelor's degree programs prepare graduates for their teacher's certification. Master's degree programs in Elementary Education allow students to delve into research methodologies of teaching at the elementary level, and a doctorate in Elementary Education qualifies graduates to work as college professors or perform academic research.

  • Elementary School Teacher: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming an Elementary School Teacher

    Elementary school teacher are responsible for educating and disciplining children in primary school. An elementary school teacher teaches general subjects, including reading, writing, math and English, and checks and grades homework and classroom work. Entry-level positions for elementary school teachers require a bachelor's degree and teaching license.

  • High School Teaching Degree: Course Curriculum for a High School Teaching Degree

    High School Teachers, or secondary school teachers, are generally required to earn a bachelor's or master's degree, complete a teacher training program and participate in a student teaching or residency program. Teachers at the high school level take courses the field in which they plan to teach, such as history, biology or math, in additional to teacher preparation courses. The following article provides information on course curricula generally included in degree programs for High School Teachers.

  • Online Elementary Education Degree: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete an Online Elementary Education Degree

    Career-changers and individuals looking to advance their education may find an online elementary education degree program beneficial. Online bachelor's degree programs in elementary education are aimed at individuals who do not have teaching backgrounds or any teaching certifications. Master's degree programs are designed for current teachers who have an undergraduate degree and any required state-mandated teaching certifications.