High School Teaching Degree: Course Curriculum for a High School Teaching Degree

Published Sep 10, 2009

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High School Teachers, or secondary school teachers, are generally required to earn a bachelor's or master's degree, complete a teacher training program and participate in a student teaching or residency program. Teachers at the high school level take courses the field in which they plan to teach, such as history, biology or math, in additional to teacher preparation courses. The following article provides information on course curricula generally included in degree programs for High School Teachers.

High School Teaching Bachelor's Degree Course Curriculum

High School Teachers often pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Education. Education programs cover classroom management, adolescent development, educational philosophy, psychology, diversity and multicultural issues, school law and curriculum development. This usually includes courses in the use of technology and computers in the classroom. Aspiring teachers also take courses in the subject they plan to teach. Most programs usually include one semester of student-teaching to provide hands-on experience in a classroom.

High School Teaching Master's Degree Course Curriculum

Aspiring High School Teachers might choose to pursue a master's degree in Education. Some master's degree programs are aimed at teachers who would like to increase their knowledge and skills. These programs expand on the topics learned in undergraduate study and often include more focus on research. Graduate programs might require a thesis or dissertation.

Other education programs are developed for individuals with degrees in areas outside of education who would like to enter the teaching profession. These programs focus on teaching skills, such as curriculum development, educational philosophy, school law, issues in education and psychology. These courses prepare students for teacher licensing. Some graduate programs partner with local schools to provide a residency program where aspiring teachers can gain actual teaching experience. Residency programs might last a full school year.

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