Elementary School Counselor: Career Outlook for Elementary School Counselors

Published Sep 15, 2009

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Elementary school counselors perform an important function in public and private educational institutions, working with individual students to guide and direct attitudes and practices aimed at success. Elementary school counselors also work with school administrators and teachers to help set study plans appropriate to classes and individuals. Read on for further information about what elementary school counselors do and about the career outlook for this profession.

Elementary School Counselor Overview

According to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), www.schoolcounselor.org, elementary school counselors assist in designing a curriculum through academic support, goal setting, substance abuse education, career planning and communication skills. An elementary school counselor helps individual students to plan study pathways, set goals, become self-aware and prepare for the transition to middle school or high school.

Crisis intervention, counseling and referrals for students, school personnel, parents and groups are among some of the additional tasks performed by elementary school counselors. They also provide for support and improvement of the school system through professional development, program operation and team strengthening exercises. Collaboration with students, parents, school administrators and teachers to identify and treat problems or potential problems is an important part of the tasks performed by elementary school counselors.

Elementary School Counselor Career Outlook

The career outlook for school and educational counselors is expected to grow at an average rate during the next few years, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), www.bls.gov. The growth rate will be sustained by an increased demand for counseling services and by some counselors leaving the field for other jobs or careers.

Elementary school counselors are expected to play a stronger role in substance abuse prevention and childhood mental illness prevention and treatment. The number of states requiring school counselors in elementary school districts is increasing and accounts for part of the projected improvement in career outlook.

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