School Lists for Culinary Degrees

  • Butcher School: List of Schools with Programs for Becoming a Butcher

    Every year Americans consume more than 200 pounds of meat and poultry per capita, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A certificate program in meat merchandising will prepare you for entry-level employment cutting and processing meat at a butcher shop, grocery store or warehouse, while an associate's degree curriculum covers all aspects of the meat processing industry, from farm to store shelf.

  • Cake Decorating School: List of Schools with Cake Decorating Degree Programs

    Individuals, who are interested in a career as a cake decorator, should consider earning a Cake Decorating degree. Cake Decorating degrees are commonly called 'baking and pastry arts' associate or bachelor's degrees. They are available at a variety of schools, including the Culinary Institute of America, Johnson & Wales University and community colleges across the country.

  • Culinary Specialist School: List of Schools with Culinary Specialist Degree Programs

    Culinary specialist degree programs fall under the broader category of culinary arts, culinary management or food science degree programs. These programs train chefs, cooks and food service directors to manage commercial or institutional kitchens. Houston Community College, the College of Southern Nevada and Northern Virginia Community College are some of the largest schools with culinary degree programs.

  • Food and Beverage Management Schools: List of Schools with Food and Beverage Management Degrees

    An associate's degree in Food and Beverage Management can help graduates gain entry-level management positions, while a bachelor's degree leads to upper management careers. A master's degree program prepares students for corporate or teaching careers in the hospitality industry. Michigan State, Colorado State and Broward College are three of many schools offering Food and Beverage Management degrees.

  • Food Service Schools: List of Schools with Degrees in Food Service

    If you dream of joining the food service industry, you may consider pursuing a food service certificate or degree. A certificate program leads to training or junior management positions, while an associate's degree can prepare you for upper management positions. Harper College, Kaskaskia College and the Ridge Career Center are three of several schools that offer Food Service certificate or degree programs.

  • Home Economics School: List of Schools with Home Economics Degree Programs

    A bachelor's or master's degree program in Home Economics, also known as family and consumer sciences education, prepares students to teach important life skills to middle and high school students. Those who wish to teach Home Economics at a postsecondary level can pursue a Ph.D. Ohio State University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin are just three schools that offer Home Economics degree programs.

  • Online Cake Decorating School: List of Schools with Online Cake Decorating Degree Programs

    Cake decorating is literally the frosting on the cake. It takes an artist's eye and attention to detail to create edible masterpieces that often serve as centerpieces for special occasions. Although online cake decorating degree programs are not available, there are plenty of on-site cake decorating classes and culinary pastry degree programs offered at schools throughout the United States.

  • Online Food and Beverage Management Universities: List of Schools with Online Food and Beverage Degrees

    An online food and beverage management degree program prepares students to work in a variety of hospitality environments. The curriculum of an online food and beverage management degree program covers topics such as food safety, hospitality management and purchasing. The University of Massachusetts Amherst, Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Southern University at Shreveport and Stratford University all offer online degree programs in food and beverage management.

  • Restaurant Management School: List of Schools with Restaurant Business Management Degree Programs

    An associate's or bachelor's degree in restaurant business management is suitable for anyone with a desire to work in a management or training position for restaurants or catering services. Miami Dade College, Michigan State University and American River College are three of several schools that offer restaurant business management degree programs.