School Lists for Architecture and Drafting Degrees

  • Architect College: List of Colleges and Universities with Architecture Degree Programs

    To become a professional Architect, you'll need to earn a professional Architecture degree, either a Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) or a Master of Architecture (MArch). After graduation, you need to gain practical architectural experience through an internship. Finally you must pass the licensure examination from your state's licensing board. In addition, many states require an Architecture degree from a college or university that is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The University of Florida Arizona State University and Ohio State University are among the 117 institutions currently offering NAAB-accredited Architecture degree programs.

  • Architectural Landscaping Schools: List of Schools with Architectural Landscaping Degree Programs

    Architectural Landscaping (more commonly known as Landscape Architecture) programs prepare students for work designing outdoor spaces. Landscape architects work for cities, schools and landscape design firms, and their work often involves solving land use issues and providing natural spaces tailored for individual and community use. The American Society of Landscape Architects accredits Architectural Landscaping schools. Ohio State University, University of Florida and Arizona State University are just three schools that offer programs in Architectural Landscaping.

  • Architecture Colleges: List of Colleges that Have Architecture As a Major

    Colleges accredited to offer an Architecture curriculum are listed by the National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB). If you want to enter the field of Architecture, you will need a professional degree, such as a Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture degree, a professional internship and successful completion of a comprehensive licensing examination. Read on for information about Architecture majors and accredited colleges.

  • Landscape Architect Schools: List of Schools with Landscape Architect Degree Programs

    Landscape architects design landscapes for parks, playgrounds, college campuses, shopping centers and more. Usually, a bachelor's or master's degree is needed to enter the field, although an associate's degree can prepare graduates to continue their education at a 4-year institution. Texas A&M, Arizona State and Ohio State universities are just a few schools that offer degree programs in landscape architecture.

  • Landscaping Schools: List of Schools with Degree Programs in Landscaping

    Landscaping degrees lead to a wide range of careers in a variety of environments. Graduates of an associate's degree program in landscaping can seek positions at parks and nurseries. Better-paying and more advanced positions require a bachelor's or master's degree in landscaping, and a Ph.D. can lead to careers in academia, government or industry.

  • Online Architectural Drafting School: List of Schools with Online Architectural Drafting Degree Programs

    Architectural drafting degree programs teach students to create mechanical drawings, blueprints and 3D models of potential construction projects. Although there are no accredited online degree programs available for this field, many cambus-based programs include online courses. Miami Dade College, Houston Community College System and the College of Southern Nevada offer associate's degree programs for architectural drafting.

  • Online Architecture Schools: List of Colleges and Schools with Online Architecture Degree Programs

    Individuals interested in earning an online degree in architecture can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Architecture or a Master of Architecture (M.Arch.). Some schools offering online architecture degrees include Texas Tech University at El Paso and University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The following article includes a list of colleges with online architecture degree programs.

  • Top Colleges for Architects: List of Top U.S. Colleges and Universities that Have Architecture Programs

    Architecture degree programs are offered at all degree levels. However, the most prevalent types of professional Architecture degree programs include a 5-year bachelor's degree program, a 2-year master's degree program and a 3- or 4-year master's degree program in Architecture. Miami Dade College, Ohio State University and the University of Florida offer Architecture degree programs.