Wireless Communications Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Wireless Communications Degree

Published Sep 05, 2009

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A subsection of the engineering industry, wireless communications is a rapidly growing field that allows people to stay in touch through new and constantly adapting technologies, like cell phones and wireless Internet connections. A bachelor's degree in electrical or electronics engineering is considered the industry standard for a career in wireless communications, but a master's degree or graduate certificate may be necessary for rapid advancement. Career options for graduates with a wireless communications degree include positions in development and testing departments for a variety of wireless technology companies.

Bachelor's Degree in Wireless Communications Career Summary

A bachelor's degree is widely considered the industry standard for professional engineers. Students interested in a career in wireless communications should look for an electrical engineering program with a wireless communications concentration.

Graduates can work for a variety of companies within the telecommunications industry, including manufacturers of cell phones and computer equipment. Wireless communications engineers participate in product development and testing, and they design, build and repair new technologies.

Master's Degree in Wireless Communications Career Summary

A master's degree in wireless communications qualifies engineers for many of the same careers as graduates of bachelor's degree programs. However, a master's degree with a specialization in wireless communications is an excellent option for electrical engineers who want to transition into wireless communications after working in another field.

A graduate degree in wireless communications also gives engineering professionals more upward mobility in their careers. Some supervisory, managerial and even sales roles for engineers require advanced degrees.

Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications Career Summary

Some schools offer certificates in wireless communications that allow students to take courses without entering a degree program. Graduate certificates are another excellent option for engineers who want to transition into wireless communications from a different field.

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