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Published Feb 19, 2009

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What better way to improve your communication skills than to communicate what you are learning about them? 'Key Skill Assessment: Communication' is a free OpenCourseWare offering from The Open University that can help college level students (and not just those in a Communications track) and others do just that.

Key Skill Assessment: Communication: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Key Skill Assessment: Communication: Course Description

Students taking this course (recommended study of one hour per week over 50 weeks) can learn how to develop a strategy to represent their communication skills with a portfolio of work that serves to demonstrate their ability to use and improve this key skill. Pointers are given on steps to take to put together a portfolio of work that can effectively show that the student is able to follow that strategy, as well as monitor and evaluate his or her progress. A series of criteria for the assessment of evidence demonstrating the student's improvement is presented. Additionally, the course includes a checklist of methods that can be used to ensure that the evidence used in the portfolio accurately reflects the student's progress in areas like identifying goals, using feedback and self-assessment, as well as checking information for accuracy, among other things. Students taking this course can learn how to use extended written communication and competent synthesis of information as evidence of the possession of a key skill (communication). 'Key Skill Assessment: Communication,' while not part of any one degree program, can serve as a building block for any student or a person looking for a structured way to work on key skills. The course is comprised of a collection of readings online.

The readings and course materials are free on the course website. If you think you'd like to take this course, visit the communication course page.

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