Fashion Journalism: Career Outlook for the Fashion Journalism Professions

Published Sep 24, 2009

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Fashion journalism professions include those employing journalists, commentators, broadcasters and creative directors. These professionals report or broadcast the latest fashion updates and news. A bachelor's degree in journalism, writing or communication is beneficial but not required. However, competition for these positions is keen, and successful fashion journalists must be network savvy, excellent writers and persuasive presenters.

Fashion Journalist Overview and Career Outlook

Fashion journalists report the latest fashions on the runway, the red carpet and celebrity news. Although it is a difficult position to secure, many write for both online and print publications. Fashion journalists cover special events, such as fashion shows and design house parties, and they comment on celebrity fashion and forecast the latest fashion and cosmetic trends.

Successful journalists may find steady employment as writers or columnists with major fashion magazines, or they may cover the fashion beat for their local newspaper. Most maintain a fashion blog as part of their portfolio. As more online fashion publications and blogs emerge, the demand for fashion journalists is expected to increase as well.

Fashion Commentator or Broadcaster Overview and Career Outlook

Print media is not the only news medium in need of fashion journalists. Many nightly entertainment news shows need fashion commentators to present fashion and celebrity news. Fashion commentators or broadcasters report current fashion trends and celebrity news as well as previewing fashion trends for the upcoming season. Fashion commentators must be excellent communicators and savvy behind the camera.

National and regional broadcasting companies may employ fashion commentators, although competition for these positions is fierce. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS),, there will be little to no growth from 2006 through 2016 for commentators.

Creative Director Overview and Career Outlook

A fashion journalist with a strong portfolio may find employment as a creative director at a major fashion magazine or design house. Creative directors often manage a diverse group of professionals, such as designers, stylists, photographers, publishers, writers and advertisers.

It is their overall creative vision that leads a magazine or organization in a particular strategic direction and creates an overall brand for their employer. Most creative directors serve several years with one publication before moving on to another magazine or fashion house. The career outlook for creative directors is positive with the BLS reporting average growth from 2006 through 2016.

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