Online Communication Doctoral Program: Requirements to Complete an Online Doctoral Program in Communication

Published Sep 10, 2009

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An online doctoral program in communication can often be tailored to a student's specific needs. Communication doctoral programs typically cover topics in rhetoric, communication research, composition and technical communication.

Enrolling in an Online Doctoral Program in Communication

Online doctoral communication programs usually have the same enrollment criteria as on-site doctoral programs. Colleges set their own criteria, such as minimum grade point average, graduate test scores, transcripts and previous degree work. However, there may be a few additional criteria for someone enrolling in an online degree program. Texas Tech, for example, requires all online doctoral degree candidates to sign a distance learning agreement and a letter of commitment from the student's employer.

As well as having prerequisites similar to those of an on-site program, an online doctoral program in communication will carry the same weight on a student's diploma or transcript as an on-campus program would. Whether the degree was obtained online or on site, the diploma will still read the same way, showing that the student earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Communication.

The cost for completing an online doctoral communication program may also differ depending on the type of college from which the program is administered. A college that has on-site degree programs may charge in-state residents a lower rate than those who live out of state, no matter if they are enrolled online or on site. Other schools establish a special, online-only per-credit tuition rate for all online students no matter where they live.

Completing an Online Doctoral Program in Communication

The tools used in completing an online doctoral program in communication may include online meeting rooms, chat rooms, webcams, e-mail and video streams. Hours for completion of a communication doctoral program will vary. Upon completion of courses, students typically take a program exam, followed by researching and writing a dissertation. This is the part of a doctoral program that can take longer, depending on a student's speed and research ability. One school noted that this post-coursework phase can take their on-campus students between one and three years to complete.

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