21 Online Student Tools to Help with Research, Communication, and Organization

Published May 06, 2008

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Student life can be overwhelming. There's so much to do! Make life easier by checking out this list of 21 web resources that every student can use.



  • RefDesk - An award-winning reference site that offers everything from periodicals, literature and encyclopedias to calculators, converters and world clocks.
  • Encyclopedia.com - Free online library with reference works, newspapers and magazine articles.
  • Information Please - One of the best research sites on the web, Info Please, provides searchable reference materials, periodic tables, calculators and other handy tools.
  • Bartleby - One of the best virtual public reference libraries in existence.
  • Library of Congress - This government website is the perfect resource for students who need to research historical documents, manuscripts, photos and artwork.
  • Google Book - Use Google site to find a book or peek into book that you do not have.
  • Wikipedia - Wikipedia can't be used as a reference in most cases, but it can point students to valuable research materials.


  • Pidgin - Use all of your IM accounts at once with this free Instant Messaging client.
  • Note Mesh - Collaborate and share notes with students around the world.
  • SpeakLike - Instant Messaging service with built in, real-time foreign language translation.
  • Linked In - Ask questions, answer questions and network with other students.
  • Keep and Share - Free group file sharing website.
  • ConceptShare - Web based group sharing tool--good for images and design students.


  • Grade Mate - Free class organizer.
  • Toodledo - Online to-do-list for organizing tasks and improving productivity.
  • Notely - Collection of online tools that help with organization.
  • Mindomo - Online mind mapping software.
  • Google Notebook - Collect and organize information on the web with this easy-to-use site from Google.
  • Backpack - Organize and share information for free.
  • Texas A & M - Study techniques and time management tips from the Student Counseling Service of Texas A & M University.

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