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Published Jan 18, 2009

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'Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering' is now available from MIT as OpenCourseWare. Originally offered in the Materials Science and Engineering Department, it looks at three kinds of transport phenomena: spinodal decomposition, chemical reactions (hetero- and homogeneous) and diffusion (solid-state).

Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering: Course Description

Transport phenomena is a general term for the various ways quantities and particles move from one place to another. Movement of everything from quantities of heat to fluid particles can be understood using concepts of transport phenomena. One of the most obvious examples of a quantity (heat) movement is in food preparation - heat moving from the hot element to the food. This course examines the three major types of transport phenomena: mass transfer, heat (radiation and conduction) and fluid dynamics along with diffusion. The original undergraduate course was given in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and taught by Professor Adam Powell IV in lecture and recitation-style formats.

Potential users of this OpenCourseWare have access to all lecture notes, recitation, assignments and solutions, quizzes, tests and exams and solutions and additional course material. This course is available free by visiting the materials engineering transport phenomena course page.

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