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Published Feb 10, 2009

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Learn about Tourism Management at the University of Southern Queensland. 'Introduction to Tourism' is offered as an online self-study OpenCourseWare from USQ's Business Department. With this course, students can learn the various aspects of tourism, including what defines the industry and where it is headed.

Introduction to Tourism: Course Specifics

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Introduction to Tourism: Course Description

Evaluate the main components of tourism, examine the economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism and compare or contrast travel motivations. This free OpenCourseWare from the University of Southern Queensland is taught by Frances Cassidy. Presented in lecture format, the course takes a marketing and management approach to the study of popular tourist areas, products and the impacts they have. Students in this USQ course can develop a solid understanding of the basic concepts of the tourism industry. It also explores the role of ecotourism and sustainability issues impacting the future of tourism. This course is beneficial not only to those who are interested in careers in Tourism Management, but also to individuals studying business or the arts who want a better understanding of the industry. Those who pursue careers in tourism can find jobs as ecotourism project managers, tourism researchers or tourism marketing managers.

This free Tourism Management course includes lectures, readings, assignments and a sample exam. If you are interested in learning how to manage a tourist attraction, visit the tourism management course page.

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