School Librarian: Average Salary of a School Librarian

Published Aug 31, 2009

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School Librarians administer and compile all the information within a library's walls, showing students how to find and use that information. Read on to find out more about a School Librarian's typical duties, average salary and career outlook.

Average Salary of a School Librarian

School Librarian Career Summary

School Librarians are responsible for selecting, ordering, cataloguing and promoting all books, videos and other media available throughout their libraries. They also assist students in finding this material or suggest material based on a student's research or reading needs. School Librarians often create and administer user-friendly databases searchable by title, author or subject. They may also serve as teachers, which may require reading stories, promoting literacy and teaching classes on Internet research skills and career databases. Some act as media specialists by helping teachers select and coordinate multimedia programs.

School Librarians can work in elementary, secondary or post-secondary schools. Secondary School Librarians often work in smaller facilities and perform many tasks that include shelving and checking out books or teaching classes. University Librarians may manage a specific section of a large library, such as reference or circulation. Work hours can vary according to job title. Secondary School Librarians typically work only during school hours and have weekends, evenings and summers off. College librarians often work year-round and later hours. School Librarians must possess at least a bachelor's degree in library science, education or a related subject. A Master of Library Science (MLS) degree is also required in several states. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),, reports that approximately 50% of states mandate that School Librarians have a teaching certificate.

School Librarian Career Outlook and Salary Information

According to the BLS, the majority of librarian positions were in schools during 2006. The BLS reports that many current School Librarians are nearing retirement, which will improve employment prospects at school libraries between 2006 and 2016. Salaries can differ slightly depending on exact job type. In 2006, the BLS reported that average annual salaries were $52,030 for librarians at junior colleges, $51,160 for college, university and trade School Librarians and $50,710 for elementary and secondary School Librarians. reports that the highest-paid librarians made upwards of $70,950 in August 2009. Most top-earning School Librarians work in supervisory positions, such as library directors or department heads.

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