Public Relations Classes: Core Concepts Taught in Public Relations Classes and Courses

Published Sep 11, 2009

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The major purpose of degree programs in Public Relations is to teach students how to effectively present products, services and ideas to a mass audience through a variety of media. Professionals in the field usually work either as consultants for many clients or they work in the Public Relations department of a particular business or organization. The following article explains some of the key ideas taught in Public Relations courses.

Course Curriculum for a Degree in Public Relations

Public Relations degrees are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, with graduate programs offering more in-depth information on topics covered in undergraduate programs. Graduates most often apply their knowledge to careers in corporate media relations, political campaigning, sales or advertising. Listed below are some major concepts emphasized in Public Relations classes:

  • Mass Communications: Classes on mass communications teach students to tailor messages to large audiences through a variety of media, including radio, television, print and the Internet.
  • Campaign Planning and Management Campaign planning and management classes teach students to effectively organize and control events designed to promote a particular product, service, person or concept.
  • Persuasive Communication Techniques Students learn important theories and methods of communicating persuasively through different types of media in a Public Relations degree program, preparing them for careers in advertising, marketing and political campaigning.
  • Ethics in Public Relations and Media Communications Students who take Public Relations and media communications ethics classes learn about the moral and legal principles that determine the behavior of professionals in the field.
  • Public Relations Research Public Relations research courses teach students about the quantitative and qualitative research methods and data assessment techniques used in the discipline.
  • Public Relations Budgeting Students who take classes on the budgeting of Public Relations learn about the financial aspects involved in Public Relations campaigns.

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