Public Relations Bachelor Degrees: Core Courses of a Public Relations Bachelor Degree Program

Published Aug 03, 2009

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Core courses of a Public Relations bachelor degree program include news reporting, public speaking and statistics. If you're interested in becoming a Public Relations specialist, a bachelor's degree in Public Relations can help get your career off to the right start.

Course Curriculum for a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations

Four-year bachelor's degree programs in Public Relations (PR) are geared toward students who would like to work in the promotional wings of businesses, nonprofit companies or government agencies. Graduates of Public Relations bachelor degree programs are prepared for careers as Public Relations specialists, working with the media, drafting press releases and putting a positive spin on even the most unpopular decisions made by a company.

Public Relations bachelor's degree programs cover many topics, including journalism and communications. While the core courses of a Public Relations bachelor degree program vary from school to school, most cover similar key areas, such as the following:

  • Layout and Design: Gain hands-on experience designing attractive and effective Public Relations materials, including newsletters and brochures.
  • News Writing and Reporting: Explore how journalists formulate stories, while learning to use the media to your advantage.
  • Public Relations Campaigns: Analyze current and historical Public Relations campaigns as you develop your own PR strategies.
  • Public Relations Law: Examine legal requirements and statutes within the Public Relations profession.
  • Public Relations Research: Attain the research skills you'll need in Public Relations. This includes analyzing company records and databases, as well as conducting interviews, focus groups and surveys.
  • Public Relations Statistics: Learn to understand the numbers that your future employer will want you to promote.
  • Public Relations Writing: Develop your Public Relations writing skills. This includes preparing biographies, fact sheets, press releases and speeches.
  • Public Speaking: Advance your speaking skills so you can clearly communicate a company's position.

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