Photojournalism Classes: Overview of the Class Requirements of a Photojournalism Degree

Published Aug 12, 2009

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Photojournalism captures a story or moment in history through photographs. Photojournalism degree programs train individuals to capture these moments within the right light, context and perspective. Associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs in Photojournalism are available throughout the United States.

Class Requirements of a Photojournalism Degree

Class Requirements for an Associate Degree in Photojournalism

Photojournalism classes within an associate degree program kick start a fledgling photographer's formal education. This type of 2-year degree program may also be known as an Associate of Science in Digital Photography or an Associate of Fine Arts in Photography. Individuals enrolled in this type of Photojournalism degree program may study photography concepts, such as lighting effects, photo editing, photograph manipulation and staging for portraits. Students also take courses on digital and 35 mm cameras.

Class Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree in Photojournalism

Baccalaureate Photojournalism classes are often part of a larger journalism or visual communication degree program. In this case, Photojournalism is the minor or concentration.

These programs offer classes in Photojournalism and emphasis the importance of integrating photography with written journalistic techniques. Bachelor's degree programs in Photojournalism that stand alone focus on topics, such as photo-editing software, media law, photography and writing for the news. Students may also take courses, such as the history of Photojournalism, digital and 35 mm techniques and graphic design.

Class Requirements for a Master's Degree in Photojournalism

Graduate degree classes in Photojournalism are almost always companion courses within another degree program, such as journalism or mass communication. Master's degree classes in Photojournalism may include advertising, communication law, photo editing, journalism writing and editing, writing for television and radio or desktop publishing. Digital editing, print graphic techniques, film and television production courses are also covered in a Photojournalism

master's degree program.

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