Photojournalism Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Photojournalism Degree

Published Sep 16, 2009

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If you have a good eye, an interest in photography and a strong understanding of journalistic concepts, a career in photojournalism might be for you. Many institutions offer degree programs in photojournalism, often as a part of their journalism program. The following article provides information on career options for graduates with a photojournalism degree.

Photojournalism Career Summary

A good photojournalist must be adept in journalistic skills as well and be able to take quality photographs. Photojournalists take photos that are used to emphasize, illustrate or communicate a newsworthy event. They are employed by newspapers, news magazines, television news programs, Internet news websites and other media outlets. Photojournalists must be able to identify what is newsworthy and relay that information through a photographic image.

Freelance Photojournalists

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, more than half of all photographers, including photojournalists, are self-employed. The National Press Photographers Association,, suggests that even those with staff jobs do some freelance work, taking their own photos and selling them to media outlets. Some might be hired on a project basis by a news outlet to obtain specific photos.

Specialized Photojournalist

Some photojournalists specialize in one area of journalism. Editorial photojournalists cover the widest variety of newsworthy events. A sports photojournalist covers sporting and sports-related events. He or she might develop an eye for catching athletes in action. War photojournalists may have the most dangerous job. They often follow troops in active duty or explore regions in the midst of war.

Photo Editors

Photo editors work for news outlets, including newspapers, news magazines and news websites, where they are responsible for determining what photos are needed. They also select the best photos to use among all those submitted. The photo editor might also be responsible for managing the photojournalism staff and for hiring freelance photojournalists for specific assignments.

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