Online Pastry Classes: Overview of Key Concepts Taught in Online Pastry Classes

Published Sep 02, 2009

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Because Pastry preparation is a hands-on skill, learning to become a Pastry chef online is not feasible, but many schools have on-campus programs in Pastry arts and baking. A student spends a large portion of class working in kitchens and bakeries. An aspiring Pastry chef can find classes suitable for careers in a fine restaurants, store bakeries, wholesale bakeries or retail outlets.

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts

Online courses in Pastry preparation can't provide the hands-on instruction required to learn techniques for making fine baked goods. However, an aspiring Pastry chef can find on-campus degree programs at many 2-year and 4-year schools that teach Pastry preparation. Pennsylvania College of Technology awards an Associate of Applied Science degree in Baking and Pastry Arts that prepares students for Pastry and baking jobs in the hospitality and baking industries.

Basic Skills in a Pastry Course

Programs test students for the requied math, communication and reading skills. Students should possess good manual dexterity and mechanical skills. Programs teach students to use computers and internet-related technology for basic research and information storage.

Sanitation and Food Preparation

The course teaches students a carefully designed set of techniques for pastry preparation. Much of the course work centers on hands-on work in a baking or Pastry kitchen environment. Students are taught the basics of working in a kitchen, such as sanitation and proper food handling and preparation, focusing on food microbiology and foodborne illness prevention. Students also learn nutritional awareness.

Business Skills in Baking and Pastry Arts Courses

Students are taught the principles of baking in a wholesale or retail setting. Production and management skills are learned through participation in restaurants, commercial bakeries, or grocery store bakeries. Management methods are taught, including organizational skills, resource use and planning methods.

Presentation and Garnishing

In fine-dining environments and at special occasions such as weddings and other celebrations, the presentation and decoration of pastries is key. Students learn to make bouquets of flowers to decorate cakes, and learn the principles of icing cakes, including making and tinting icings. Courses also teach how to use writing, flower, rose and drop flower tips for cake and pastry decoration.

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