Introduction to Social Anthropology OpenCourseWare: Capilano University's Undergraduate Level Free Online Social Anthropology Course

Published Dec 29, 2008

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Learn more about the field of anthropology and different world cultures through Capilano University's free OpenCourseWare 'Introduction to Social Anthropology.' This undergraduate level class is open to students of all backgrounds and assumes no prerequisite knowledge. 'Introduction to Social Anthropology' is part of the Bachelor of Science in Anthropology curriculum.

Introduction to Social Anthropology: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Introduction to Social Anthropology: Course Description

Dr. Gillian Crowther teaches Capilano University's OpenCourseWare 'Introduction to Social Anthropology' course. This lecture-based class is accessible online through an introductory workbook, which teaches students to observe cultural situations with objectivity, pose scientific questions, interview subjects and understand cultural diversity. By analyzing their own and other cultures, students who use this free OpenCourseWare class learn to apply lessons learned from other societies to their own. Students also gain a basic understanding of the field of anthropology and its various sub-disciplines. Lessons in social anthropology are illustrated by Professor Crowther's experiences studying the Haida community in British Columbia, but the course also discusses cultures from around the world. Topics covered by this course include different forms of communication, exchange, marriage and religious systems in various societies. If you're pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, this free online course may provide useful supplementary material for your course of study.

Available materials for 'Introduction to Social Anthropology' include a syllabus, a course calendar, an on-line workbook, descriptions of two written assignments and two image galleries. To learn more about this free online course, visit the social anthropology course page.

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