International Short-term Financing OpenCourseWare: MSU's Free Bachelor Level International Finance Course

Published Feb 15, 2009

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This free OpenCourseWare focuses on how international business transactions are aided by short-term financing and the options available to international business professionals? 'International Short-term Financing' is an undergraduate-level course offered by MSU for students interested in International Business and Finance.

International Short-term Financing: Course Specifics

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International Short-term Financing: Course Description

The 'International Short-term Financing' OpenCourseWare offers an introduction to the many forms of short-term (meaning 180 days or less) financing options that are available to support international business transactions. Several financing options are discussed, such as documentary collections and bank checks. Also included in the course is an examination of the necessary preparation when an organization is preparing to borrow funds. Financing that is available through the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. is investigated, as well as the restrictions involved with utilizing this program. The benefits of making use of the Small Business Administration are examined, as are the factors that distinguish it from the Export-Import bank. This undergraduate-level course is offered through the Michigan State University's Global Learning Ventures initiative.

Course materials include comprehensive study notes, a PowerPoint presentation and a list of online resources. To learn more, visit the global short-term financing course page.

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