International Medium- and Long-term Financing OpenCourseWare: MSU's Free Bachelor Level International Finance Class

Published Feb 15, 2009

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'Medium and Long-term Financing' helps students learn about the ways in which international business transactions are often supported by extended financing. This undergraduate-level OpenCourseWare from MIT is ideal for any student interested in International Business and Finance.

Medium and Long-term Financing: Course Specifics

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Medium and Long-term Financing: Course Description

The 'Medium and Long-term Financing' OpenCourseWare provides an introduction to the variety of medium and long-term financing options available to organizations doing international business. Options available through the Export-Import Bank are examined, such as the Direct Loan Program and the Finance Lease Guarantee Program. Several other extended financing options are investigated, including lines of credit and forfaiting, which involves the discounting of promissory notes. The benefits of multilateral organizations such as The World Bank and The United Nations Development Program are also discussed. This undergraduate-level OpenCourseWare is offered through the MSUglobal Learning Ventures.

This course includes a PowerPoint presentation, online study notes and a list of online resources. To learn more, visit the extended international financing course page.

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