Information Systems Security Degree Review - Master Degree

Published Jan 21, 2007

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A master's degree in Information Systems Security will teach you the technical skills needed to advance your IT career. With a master's degree in Information Systems Security, graduates will enter the workforce as project managers directing computer networks and as administrators of data recovery systems.

Summary of the Information Systems Security Degree Program

In an Information Systems Security master's degree program, you will control the direction of your organization through technology. You will be responsible for the construction of computer networks, advanced security systems and data recovery software.

Specific Skills You Will Learn

As an Information Systems Security professional, you will be a team leader overseeing a variety of areas within an IT department. Graduates will be responsible for training co-workers in computer programming, hardware installation, and IT support. Upon graduation, you will know how to work within Internet and Intranet sites.

Typical Coursework

Coursework will vary, but may include:

  • Economic and Legal Environments
  • Operations Management
  • Software Engineering I & II
  • Business Policy

Career Related Information

Career Fields You Will Be Prepared to Enter

With a degree in Information Systems Security, you should have the skills necessary to determine the information needs of your company. The key to success will be your ability to meet the technological needs of an organization. As a team leader, it will be your responsibility to stay current in the latest technologies. Graduates in the field of Information Systems Security will find positions in academic institutions, manufacturing companies and government agencies.

Occupational Outlook For Information Systems Security Including Salary Information

According to, the national annual median wage for a person graduating with a Masters in Information Systems Security varies from $90,009 to $107,784. Your salary will depend on the size of the company and region in which you are employed. The IT industry is projected to be one of the fastest growing areas today, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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