Individuals, Groups, and Organizations OpenCourseWare: A Free MIT Graduate Study Organizational Behavior Course

Published Jan 24, 2009

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'Individuals, Groups, and Organizations' is an investigation of Organizational Behavior, a relatively recent field that draws on psychology, economics and other social sciences. Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides this free OpenCourseWare. This course is intended for students taking a Ph.D. in Behavioral & Policy Sciences with a minor in organization studies groups or MBA students.

Individuals, Groups, and Organizations: Course Description

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Individuals, Groups, and Organizations: Course Description

While economics, behavioral science and philosophy have spawned many academic theories that attempt to explain the behavior of organizations and societies, the field of Organizational Science was first recognized only halfway through the 20th century. Because it is a recent field, the study of organizations and organizational behavior employs an interdisciplinary approach, including concepts from game theory as well as applied psychology. This free OpenCourseWare gives students a strong footing in Organizational Science theories, research and criticism. Course topics include organizational design, the workplace performance of individuals and the relationship between technology and organizations. Professor John Carroll led this lecture course, which included a series of lectures from guest experts on behavioral and policy sciences. This class is designed for doctorate students interested in organizational behavior.

This free course includes a reading list and assignment guidelines. To access these materials and begin learning more about this exciting course, visit the organizational behavior course page.

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