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Published Feb 10, 2009

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Have you ever wondered what, exactly, an entrepreneur does? The Open University's free, online version of 'Entrepreneurial Behaviour' should help answer that question. Any student interested in Business or starting their won company should consider this undergraduate-level OpenCourseWare.

Entrepreneurial Behaviour: Course Specifics

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Entrepreneurial Behaviour: Course Description

Understanding what it is that defines an entrepreneur can be difficult. This bachelor-level course offers an overview of the role of an entrepreneur and also attempts to explain the many ways in which an entrepreneur functions in the business world. Several related topics are covered, such as working styles and the chain of business competition. The economic functions of an entrepreneur are discussed in detail, as well as qualities that a successful entrepreneur generally possesses. The importance of a well chosen team, as well as the role of the entrepreneur in motivating this team is also emphasized throughout the course. The 'Entrepreneurial Behaviour' OpenCourseWare is offered through The Open University's Department of Business and Management.

This undergraduate-level course includes an extensive and well structured study guide, as well as an online discussion forum, learning journal and unit notes. To learn more, visit the entrepreneurial traits course page.

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