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Published Jan 10, 2007

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A Human Services Doctorate Degree will prepare a graduate to take on a leading role in the field of human services. This doctorate will enable a student to advance a career in a field such as social work, criminal justice, or social policy analysis.

A Human Services Doctorate Degree Overview

Summary of the Degree

A Human Services Doctoral Degree program focuses on the study of providing social and human services to communities and to individuals. Such a degree will prepare the graduate for work in human services agencies both private and public. The program should provide instruction in psychology, social sciences and services, and human and social services policy, law and administration. Emphasis will be placed on services particular to specific localities and populations.

Skills Obtained

In a Human Services Doctorate program you will synthesize theoretical and practical knowledge from the fields of psychology, sociology, and criminology. You will learn counseling and communications skills, legal fundamentals, advocacy skills, and methods of data gathering and statistical analysis. As you will have to prepare and defend a lengthy thesis, your writing and oral presentation skills will also be sharpened.


Some of the more general courses mandatory in a Human Services Doctorate Degree Program include:

  • Epistemology Knowledge and Practice
  • Social Science Research Mthods and Analysis
  • Methods of Quantitative Research
  • Methods of Qualitative Research
  • Workplace Diversity

Career Fields

With a PhD in Human Services you can work in an administrative or managerial, even a directorship, position with a government or private social service agency. You may work in the fields of criminal justice, social work, family services, or human services administration.

Occupational Outlook ( reports that salaries earned by graduates of Doctoral Programs in Human Services can be upwards of $61,250 per year.

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