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Published Feb 13, 2009

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The French Revolution is considered by many scholars and historians to be a pivotal event in the annals of Western history. This intermediate-level course, which is free and is provided by The Open University, focuses on the historical aspects of the Revolution and its intellectual, cultural and psychological impact. Students who are interested in French history, world history or completing undergraduate degree programs, such as the Bachelor of Science in History, will benefit from the extensive information that is provided in this course.

French Revolution: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes Yes No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials
Yes Yes No

French Revolution: Course Description

'French Revolution' is an OpenCourseWare that examines French history, covering the revolutionary period between 1780 and 1830. This course, offered by The Open University's Arts and History Department, explores the dynamics of this historical crossroad. Students can expect to study revolution's the causes as well as the local and global effects. The primary objectives of this course are to cultivate students' understanding of key occurrences of the French Revolution from 1789-1799, including its role in the transition of the European way of life from Enlightenment to Romanticism. Other course topics include the the bankrupt monarchy, the third estate as the voice of the nation, the fall of the Bastille, dismantling the Old Regime, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the moderate reformers. This intermediate-level undergraduate course is ideal for any student interested in world history.

The materials for this course include online unit notes and audio notes. The course can be downloaded in several formats and students have access to learning tools, such as a learning journal, a discussion forum and knowledge map. If you would like to learn more, visit the French history course page.

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