Executive Management Degree Information - Master Degree Review

Published Jan 17, 2007

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A degree in Executive Management will teach you about functioning in a work environment that will provide you with the challenges of leading people. With a Masters degree in Executive Management you will find employment in business or government.

Summary of the Executive Management Degree Program

In a Masters degree program focusing on Executive Management you will focus on communication, technology and global relations. In a career as a skilled Executive Manager you will assist clients, work within the regulations of your specialization, and develop communication skills that will assist you in working with a diverse group of people. You will become a leader in applying advanced problem-solving techniques in a business environment.

Specific Skills You Will Learn

As an Executive Management professional you will be responsible for implementing industry standards. You will develop the skills necessary to supervise employees in all areas of business. As an upper-level manager you will have expertise in utilizing advanced software, know how to negotiate contracts, and understand the fundamentals of cost accounting. You will also develop supervisory and communication skills that will enhance your career.

Typical Coursework

Though coursework will vary depending on the college you choose, common areas of study in an Executive Management degree program include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Executive Speaker Series
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Global Immersion

Career Related Information

Career Fields You Will Be Prepared to Enter

According to www.worldwidelearn.com, careers in Executive Management are growing as technology grows. With a Masters degree in Executive Management you may choose a career in criminal justice, technology, global marketing, or contract negotiating.

Occupational Outlook For Executive Management Degrees Including Salary Information

In choosing to earn a Masters degree in Executive Management you will be entering into a highly demanding career. Future Executive Management graduates working in the field will be recognized as team oriented industry leaders. Competition will be steep. According to swz.salary.com, the national annual median wage for a Corporate Compliance Director varies from $83,825 to $116,954. Your salary will depend on the size of the company and region in which you are employed.

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