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Published Dec 20, 2006

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Engineering management takes a strong foundation in engineering and applies it to the direction and oversight of engineering projects and personnel. Those who graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Management are primed to oversee engineering divisions of both private and government organizations.

What is a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Management?

The goal of a Bachelor's Degree program in Engineering Management is to cultivate strong technical engineering and social skills for success in the engineering management world. Students will undergo rigorous training in mathematics, physics and electronics as well as in the fundamentals of business such as marketing and human resource management.

Typical courses for a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Management include:

  • Computer Science
  • Semiconductor Fundamentals
  • AC & DC Circuits
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Accounting
  • Personal Finance
  • Marketing
  • Science, Technology & Politics

What Careers can a Bachelor of Engineering Management Pursue?

A Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Management prepares the graduate for an entry-level position as an engineering manager in various technical areas, including manufacturing, industrial engineering, production planning, quality engineering and technical marketing.

Engineering managers work primarily either for the government or for scientific research and development firms.

Earnings Potential

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( had the following information on the income of engineering managers:

The median income for all engineering managers in 2004 was about $97,600. The highest paid engineering managers worked in semiconductor component manufacturing and were paid a median annual income of $116,400. At the other end of the scale, the lowest-paid engineering managers worked in architectural or engineering services and were paid a median annual income of $96,000

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