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Published Feb 19, 2009

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Landscape architecture involves the use of responsive and imaginative design techniques, detailed planning and active management of the natural environment for the benefit of society. 'Architectural Studio,' an OpenCourseWare that is provided by MIT, is concerned with teaching students the skills required to design landscaping projects that maintains continuity with its natural setting. Students who are interested in civil engineering, architectural design, or those pursuing undergraduate degree programs, including the Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, will benefit from the themes covered in this course.

Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes Part 1: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes Part 1: Course Description

Landscape architecture is the process of bringing together creativity, technology and science to plan, design and mold physical settings, including ecological restoration, urban design, community development, parks and park systems, college campuses, golf courses, resorts, industrial and office parks, wetlands, waterfronts, and urban environments. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Architecture provides this OpenCourseWare, 'Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes Part 1.' The course focuses on the skill set and knowledge that landscape architects need for designing small sites to large regions; their primary goal is to create links between the landscaping project and the natural setting. This course places an emphasis on students learning how to build suitably, commencing with the tasks of analyzing the setting, assessing the climate and visualizing design ideas. The lecturer, Professor Alan Joslin's, objective is to develop students' awareness and skills for identifying the unique qualities of a setting while incorporating the values of the residents along with creating spaces that clearly connect people and their community. There is also an emphasis placed on constructing projects that highlight a variety of materials and structural properties while stressing the responsible use of available resources. Students who complete 'Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes Part 1' will be exposed to topics like three dimensional perspective drawings, drawing plans, sections and elevations.

The materials for this course consist of downloadable assignments and a project list that includes images of the work of various students. If you would like to take advantage of this course, visit the landscape architecture course page.

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