Educational Specialist Degree Online: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete an Online Educational Specialist Degree

Published Nov 08, 2009

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With an education specialist degree, you are prepared for advanced leadership roles within the field of education. Education specialists serve in roles such as curriculum supervisors, directors of special programming or personnel administrators at schools and other educational institutions. Online programs are offered at the post-master's level.

Enrolling in an Online Education Specialists Degree Program

Most education specialist programs are offered as post-graduate programs, which means students are usually required to hold a master's degree to be considered for admission. Other program requirements vary. Some programs may require students to have a minimum of two to three years of experience in the field or to hold a teaching or school administrator license.

Prospective students may need to submit an application to be considered for admission, along with transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of intent and GRE or MAT test scores. Some programs have specific application deadlines while others enroll students on a continual basis.

Completing an Online Education Specialist Degree Program

Online degree programs for educational specialists require between 36 and 48 credit hours of coursework and are designed to be completed within two years. While students receive materials and submit coursework over the internet, some programs also require participation in on-campus colloquiums. Most include an internship that may last up to one full year. Students usually must arrange for their own internship; however some educational specialist programs may provide assistance.

Students in these programs study topics such as curriculum development, staff development, staff management, education law, principles of administration, education funding, community relations and research design. They might also be required to complete a research project or thesis during their program. Thesis topics are determined by the students' areas of interest.

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