Computability Theory of and with Scheme OpenCourseWare: Free Graduate Level Course by MIT on Programming Theory

Published Jan 07, 2009

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Graduate students will use Scheme software in 'Computability Theory of and with Scheme,' MIT's OpenCourseWare on computability, programming theory, and logic of programming. This free course provides aspiring computer scientists with an introduction to these concepts and valuable experience with the programming software Scheme. Students should, however, have some familiarity with Scheme software prior to taking this course.

Computability Theory of and with Scheme: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Graduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Computability Theory of and with Scheme: Course Description

The study of computer programming is constantly evolving as technologies become available. Those behind new developments must be able to think creatively and quickly. Students in a master's degree in Computer Science program can use their prior knowledge of Scheme software for practical applications with this free online course. Introductory approaches to topics such as computability, term models and the Scheme substitution model will be covered throughout the semester. In addition to applications of Scheme and practical uses, students will work with theories, including Hilbert's Tenth Problem and the Incompleteness Theorem. Professor Albert Meyer will provide course notes for each topic covered. Using these notes as a guide, students will delve into the course material with Scheme software. Use of this software is applicable to most of the OpenCourseWare's topics and will provide an enhanced level of experience for anyone interested in programming languages.

Scheme software and the relevant readings will be made available online. To take this class, or to learn more, visit the compatability theory of and with scheme course home page.

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