Early Development OpenCourseWare: A Free Bachelor Level Class by The Open University on Human Conception and Human Development

Published Feb 13, 2009

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What does one's view of the most adaptable animal on the planet - the human being - look like when that view is framed in terms of cycles of individual lives? 'Early Development, a free course on human conception and development from The Open University, attempts to answer that as derived from an examination of the processes that occur whenever a new human life is formed. This course would be useful review for students earning a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences.

Early Development: Course Specifics

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Early Development: Course Description

Pregnancy marks the beginning of the life cycle of one of nature's most complex life forms on the planet Earth, and this course examines biological aspects of the early stages of that process. Beginning with historical notions of conception and moving on to modern biological detail of how conception actually happens, this 20-hour noncredit course from The Open University which includes readings and a quiz, can introduce students to the biological means by which the human develops from an egg and a sperm into the tiny embryo that will eventually become a person. As well, the early developmental stages of the embryo are examined. Other topics include a look at how the population of mankind's population has grown over the millennia, contraception, preparation for conception, and the ramifications of knowing a baby's gender before it is born.

'Early Development' includes readings, reviews, a quiz, and reference to a textbook, all for free. If you'd like to take this course, visit the human conception and development course page.

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