Art and Design Degree Information - Associate Degree Review

Published Dec 17, 2006

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An Art and Design Associate Degree provides students with basic entry-level training and skills for employment in the applied arts such as computer imaging, package design, display and exhibit, illustration and layout.

An Art and Design Associate Degree Overview

Summary of the Degree

An Art and Design Associate Degree provides students with a fundamental core of visual articulation and basic studio techniques. Some of the more general courses mandatory in an Art and Design Associate Degree Program include:

  • Design in Two-Dimensional
  • Design in Three-Dimensional
  • Color
  • Introduction to Drawing
  • Representational or Expressive Drawing
  • Surveying Art History
  • Visualization
  • Drawing for Perspective
  • Drawing Life
  • Painting
  • Design Application to Solve Problems
  • Model Making for Design

Career Fields

The U.S. Department of Labor ( predicts that art-related jobs are predicted to increase at a rate above average. Hiring of artists is a competitive proposition for those artists planning to succeed in their specialty.

Occupational Outlook ( reports that an arts and design graduate's annual earnings range from $34,005 to $67,951.

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