Art Teaching Degree: Course Curriculum for an Art Teaching Degree

Published Sep 05, 2009

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Students interested in teaching art can earn an Art Teaching endorsement while earning a degree in teaching. There is not a separate Art Teaching degree; rather, the curriculum is included within a larger degree, such as early childhood education, elementary school education or a master's in education.

Course Curriculum for an Associate's in Art Teaching

An associate's degree in Art Teaching will not include all the required coursework for teacher certification. However, it will give students a foundation for teaching art and prepare them for further coursework. In addition to general education courses, students will likely take classes in art history, design fundamentals, drawing and printmaking. Art history courses cover both Western and non-Western art from the Paleolithic era to the Renaissance to the post-Modernists. Students learn how architecture, sculpture and painting have developed over the years. A design course may focus on understanding visual literacy and symbolism. A class in drawing teaches students to depict perspective, mass, volume and density on paper. Drawing students become proficient in depicting different visual compositions like still life and anatomy. Students may also be required to take additional electives in studio art.

Course Curriculum for a Bachelor's in Art Teaching

Students looking to earn a bachelor's degree in education with an Art Teaching endorsement need to complete education classes along with certain art classes specific to the Art Teaching endorsement. For the teaching portion of the degree, students take courses in educational strategies, educational theory, teaching strategies, childhood development, and multicultural teaching education and strategies. For the art endorsement portion, the curriculum may include a course in art education and theory. Students need to take art courses to become proficient in the area that they are teaching. Curriculum may include classes in art history, drawing, design and other areas of studio art. Students complete a student teaching experience in Art Teaching.

Course Curriculum for a Master's in Art Teaching

Individuals with a bachelor's in studio art or artists who want to teach art within the public school system should consider earning a master's degree in teaching or education specializing in Art Teaching. Students take a mixture of art and education courses. Core courses may include art teaching, human learning and development, research and issues in art education and 2D artmaking - context, theme and form. They also are required to complete a student experience teaching art in an actual school.

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