Top Google Applications for College Students

Published Jan 26, 2009

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Google is good for more than just searches. This company has a suite of products and applications that have been designed to make online life easier. Here is a selection of the best Google applications for students.

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General Google Applications

  • Google Docs - Google's free word processing application is a good alternative to Microsoft Word. Google Docs can be used to create, save and share documents online.
  • Google Reader - When you're in college, you need all of the extra time you can get. Google Reader helps you save time by putting all of your blogs and news feeds in one place.
  • Google Notebook - Google Notebook helps you collect images and text as you surf the web. Your clippings can then be accessed from a computer or mobile phone.
  • Google Chrome - Designed specifically for Windows users, this new Google browser makes it faster and easier to surf the web. With Google Chrome, you can access favorite pages faster, browse in secret and get search suggestions.
  • Google Translate - With Google Translate you can view text or entire web pages in another language.

Search Applications

  • Google Scholar - This Google search engine is for people who want to search scholarly literature, such as academic articles, peer-reviewed papers, theses and abstracts.
  • Google U.S. Government - You can use this search engine to limit your Google search to government websites.
  • Google University Search - This Google search engine will narrow your search to a specific university website--great for finding information about admissions, school scholarships and alumni news.
  • Google Product Search - If you're sick of all of those informational websites popping up when you're trying to buy something online, Google Product Search is your solution. This search engine limits results to products and e-commerce sites.
  • Google Book Search - If you are looking for a book to buy, borrow or read, Google Books should be your first stop. Google has created a reference page for each book in its system that includes previews, reviews, publisher information and much more.

Communication Applications

  • Gmail - Google Mail is easily one of the best free email services. Special features include lots of storage, searchable email and limited spam.
  • Google Groups - Google Groups is great for students who want to stay in touch with friends or members of a study group. You can chat online or over email.
  • Knol - Knol makes it easy to learn more and communicate your knowledge to other people. Anyone can write and post an article (a.k.a. 'unit of knowledge') to Knol.
  • Blogger - When you sign up for a free Google blog through, you can share your thoughts, photos and life with friends, family, fellow students and the rest of the world.
  • Google Picasa - Google Picasa makes it easy to upload your photos to a web album so that they can be shared with friends. You can also use it to turn photos into movies or slideshows.

Mobile Applications

  • Google Mobile - Google Mobile makes it easy to update your phone with free Google products, such as Google Search, Google Maps, gmail and YouTube.
  • Google Mobile Maps - Google Maps can now be downloaded to your mobile phone. With Google Mobile Maps, you can determine your location, get directions and find phone numbers and addresses.
  • Google SMS - When you sign up for Google SMS, you can text message a search query to Google. Google will text you back a moment later with the results. Great for searches on the go.

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