5 Things Students Shouldn't Do With Their Facebook Account

Published May 13, 2008

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Facebook is a great site for students, but there are all sorts of hidden dangers that could get you in hot water with your school and with the law. Here are five things in particular that you shouldn't do with your Facebook account.


1. Don't Fake It

Making a fake Facebook profile to humiliate another person might seem like a funny thing to do, but it could get you charged with harassment and identity theft. A judge recently ordered Facebook to identify the person responsible for creating a fake Facebook profile for a high school dean.

2. Don't Post Pictures of Yourself Breaking the Law

This might seem like an obvious one, but there have been numerous cases of students being punished over the last year because of the pictures they added to their Facebook profile. Keep this in mind the next time you want to freeze a moment and post it for the whole world to see.

3. Don't Forget Who's on Facebook

Everybody knows by now that potential employers and recruiters cruise Facebook to learn more about job applicants. But did you know current employers are doing the same thing? Always think about what you post and when you post it. Calling in sick and then writing about how you faked sick and fooled your boss on Facebook probably isn't the best idea.

4. Don't Create a Study Group without Permission

Creating a study group on Facebook sounds innocent enough, but there are professors out there who don't believe in sharing notes, lectures, etc. If your study group violates your school's policy or simply rubs a professor the wrong way, you could be expelled or punished for cheating. To avoid problems, you should check your school's policy before starting a study group.

5 Don't Leave Behind Digital Footprints

If you've committed a faux pas on Facebook and need to beat a hasty retreat, don't make the mistake of simply deactivating your account. Doing so will NOT remove all of your personal data. In other words, it will be a cinch for anyone to follow the digital footprints you've left behind. The only way to cover your tracks is to permanently delete your account. However, be aware that Facebook will still be keeping all of your info on file whether it is viewable by other people or not.

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