The Linguistic Study of Bilingualism OpenCourseWare: MIT's Free Bachelor Level Linguistics Course on Bilingualism

Published Jan 30, 2009

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Learn about the aspects of language development and the ability of the mind to comprehend multiple languages in this OpenCourseWare. 'The Linguistic Study of Bilingualism' is a free course about people who are bilingual and bilingualism in the everyday world. This course has no prerequisites but is ideal for those seeking a degree in Linguistics.

The Linguistic Study of Bilingualism: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
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The Linguistic Study of Bilingualism: Course Description

This course explores how people can listening to two or more bilingual people speaking in their shared languages to study the way languages is grammatically structure. Specifically, this course examines code-switching, which involves the use of one word or phrase from one language then reverting to another. Other aspects prevalent in bilingualism are covered. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)'s School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences offers this course to cover aspects of bilingualism determining linguistic competence and other factors. Students learn to identify language development in bilingual children and their competence in each language as compared to children who speak only one language. Students also learn about the prevalence of bilingualism in the world and the United States and the importance of learning a second language. Students also look at how bilingualism affects the brain in this course taught by MIT Professor Suzanne Flynn. Other issues are also discussed, such as how language affects American students who speak only one language.

A list of course readings and assignment guidelines can be found online. For more information about this course, visit the bilingualism course page.

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