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Published Feb 13, 2009

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Johns Hopkins University offers a free online course titled 'Sexual Health, HIV/STI and Human Rights' for interested students. This course, which focuses on the human rights impact of sex and disease, is part of the Dean's Lecture Series.

Sexual Health, HIV/STI and Human Rights: Course Specifics

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Sexual Health, HIV/STI and Human Rights: Course Description

Professor Chris Beyrer gave this one-time lecture in the Dean's Lecture Series Core. The lecture was given in conjunction with the Bloomberg School of Public Health and focuses on human rights in sexual health. The lecture begins with an introduction to human rights and the five principles of human rights. Beyrer then introduces his ideas on how sexual health and sexually transmitted infections are impacted by societies and how using the five principles of human rights impact health. Also covered are how migration, conflict, trafficking, sex work and especially vulnerable groups, such as men who have sex with men, impact sexual health and how their lives can be improved by the five principles of human rights.

The lectures are posted in mp3 and mp4 formats, with slides presented in the video portion. To learn more about sexual health and human rights, visit the course page.

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