School Administrator Degree: Course Curriculum for a School Administrator Degree Program

Published Aug 25, 2009

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School Administrator positions generally require a graduate-level degree. Master's and doctorate level degrees are offered in School Administration as well as education administration or educational leadership. These programs provide the leadership, administrative and pedagogical skills necessary to manage an educational institution.

Course Curriculum for Master's in School Administration

Master's degrees in the field of School Administration provide the basis for administrative careers.

Degrees generally require between 35 and 45 semester-hours and might include an internship. Coursework covers educational leadership principles, school law, management of resources, school reform, public or community relations. It also explores race, gender and other issues in education.

Course Curriculum for a Doctor of Education in School Administration

Doctor of Education degrees are aimed at students wishing to increase their administrative skills beyond that of the master's level. Programs require an additional 60 hours of coursework. Some require a dissertation. Topics include theoretical foundations of educational administration, advanced education law and an introduction into the theory and research of administration. This supplements further study of other topics covered in the master's program.

Course Curriculum for a Doctor of Philosophy in School Administration

Ph.D. programs in School Administration are geared towards individuals who wish to pursue an academic, educational policy or research career in this field. Ph.D. programs require 60 or more hours of coursework and often require a dissertation. The curriculum has a research focus. Courses cover education politics, theory, issues and statistics. Ph.D. programs also cover research methods in education and research design.

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