Principles of Human Nutrition OpenCourseWare: Johns Hopkins University's Free Undergraduate Course on the Study of Human Nutrition and Diet

Published Jan 25, 2009

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Curious about vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that affect our bodies and our health? Then check out 'Principles of Human Nutrition,' a free OpenCourseWare class provided by Johns Hopkins University. A great online study aid for students studying Nutrition or Public Health, this undergraduate-level class covers the fundamentals of human nutrition, how nutrition relates disease and the reasoning behind nutritional guidelines around the world.

Principles of Human Nutrition: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Principles of Human Nutrition: Course Details

The fundamentals of nutrition and the dietary health of populations across the world are the main topics covered by 'Principles of Human Nutrition.' Johns Hopkins University offers this free OpenCourseWare, an online version of a course originally taught by Benjamin Caballero. This overview of how what we eat affects our bodies focuses on topics including what vitamins and minerals we need to eat, how scientists determine the nutritional quality of a given population's diet and how diet affects the body's development. Students will learn how governments develop dietary guidelines and how diseases are affected by nutrition. Students who complete this course will be familiar with the nutritional requirements for various types of individuals, be able to name the nutrients that can help to prevent certain diseases and understand diet-related health problems in an international context. Students studying Nutrition, Public Health or related fields, will find this undergraduate-level class beneficial.

Course materials include a syllabus, course schedule, eight sets of lecture notes and a comprehensive reading list. To learn more, visit the human nutrition course page.

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