Online Writing Degree: Course Curriculum for an Online Writing Degree Program

Published Sep 01, 2009

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Aspiring novelists, journalists and technical writers have a number of options when choosing an online degree program in their respective writing areas. Online writing degree programs are available at undergraduate and graduate degree levels. These programs, usually offered through a college's English or communications department, are available with concentration options in such areas as poetry, fiction writing and writing for the Web.

Online Associate's Degree Programs in Writing

Online associate's degree programs specifically in writing may be hard to come by, but that doesn't mean a student can't pursue this option. Since writing programs at this level consist largely of liberal arts core courses and English electives, many community colleges already have the applicable courses available in their online course catalog. In such cases, a student would simply choose the online English electives related to writing and complete the general education curriculum. Online elective English courses may deal with poetry, short fiction and even drama writing.

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in Writing

Online bachelor's degree programs for writing students have more specific major and concentration options than associate's degree programs do. For example, baccalaureate-seeking students can obtain a degree in a specific writing discipline, such as journalism or technical writing. Creative writing bachelor's degree programs are also available online. Courses utilize e-mail, chat rooms and message boards, and some programs even make use of real-time conferencing software, allowing students to communicate live with professors and other students. Coursework common to programs at this level involves analyzing literature and writing narrative, expository, persuasive and poetic pieces.

Online Master's Degree Programs in Writing

Graduate-level online writing programs are available to those who wish to expand upon their expertise in a particular area and enhance their job credentials. Many programs, particularly those that yield a Master of Fine Arts, take an artistic approach to the field of writing, emphasizing subjectivity with regard to literary critique and composition. Other programs use more of a business-oriented angle, training students to be clear communicators and preparing them for careers as technical writers. The latter type of program includes courses on business and media writing, and it often results in a Master of Professional Writing or a Master of Arts in Professional Writing.

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