Degree in Professional Writing: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete a Professional Writing Degree Program

Published Sep 10, 2009

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The employment growth in the Professional Writing field is expected to continue expanding due to the current information-based market and the increasing popularity of this field for individuals possessing both high-quality skills and a strong devotion to writing. Middle level and upper level Professional Writing positions usually require the completion of a master-level degree in Professional Writing. The processes involved in enrolling and completing a Professional Writing master-level degree are discussed in this article.

Enrolling in a Professional Writing Degree Program

Many universities and colleges offer master degree programs in Professional Writing. There are various requirements students need to fulfill in order to be considered for admission to Professional Writing programs. Undergraduate transcripts, with the successful conferral of a bachelor's degree, must be submitted to the admission office, as well as GRE scores. An application for admission, as well as the application fee, should be submitted online or in paper format, explains the University of Southern California.

Supporting documents, including an individual's statement of purpose for applying to the program and a writing sample, are then submitted with the admission application. The final step of the application process is the submission of 3 professional recommendation letters. Many programs allow students to enroll part-time and offer evening and summer courses.

Completing a Professional Writing Degree Program

Professional Writing master degree programs assist students in the development of analytical writing skills and data reporting, as well as focusing on management and written communication in the workplace, according to Towson University. Students that take graduate-level Professional Writing courses include the following:

  • Individuals seeking managerial or writing instructor positions
  • Medical staff members seeking to improve writing and editing skills in order to publish books and health education materials
  • Engineering and science professionals who wish to utilize writing skills in various career-related projects

Some Professional Writing programs allow students to choose electives to match their professional needs, says the University of Houston. Professional Writing concentration areas usually include subject areas such as, writing for public and private sectors and writing in the professions. Particular skills, such as communications management, technical writing and business communications are focused on throughout Professional Writing programs. Additionally, university resources are utilized to teach imaginative writing, mass media and writing instruction topics.

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