Online Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems: Career Options for Graduates

Published Nov 04, 2009

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Students who have earned an associate degree in computer information systems can expect entry-level positions in a variety of business settings. Those majoring in computer information systems should be prepared for a technologically-focused career in business or government and should emphasize their communication skills as much as their computer skills.

Online Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems

Students majoring in computer information systems must have a strong interest in both computers and business. An online program usually focuses on developing the technical skills needed to operate and fix computers. Students will develop written communication skills through online forums and student-teacher online conferences,. They will also use computer simulations to learn how to work in a business environment, including management, independent work and problem solving techniques.

Many classes will call for students to communicate with each other through chat room-type programs for group projects and to simulate team-oriented business environments. Through their textbook and online supplement, students will also learn how to install hardware and software, manage computer networks and keep up with maintenance and security of all computer information systems. It is important that students majoring in this field have the desire to learn and use decision-making, communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

Career Options for Graduates of Associate Degrees in Computer Information Systems

There are several entry-level careers available for computer information systems associate degree graduates. All careers require similar management, communication and technological skills and the ability to work in a business setting, such as an office or laboratory. Some of these careers include:

  • Application programmer
  • Maintenance programmer
  • Chief information officer
  • Systems analyst
  • Records control specialist
  • Training specialist
  • Database manager
  • Web site designer
  • Information systems designer
  • Computer network manager
  • Technical support consultant
  • Programming analyst

Graduates of associate degrees in computer information systems often go to work for IT consulting firms, public accounting firms, hospitals, government, software companies, defense industry firms and telecommunications companies. Students with associate degrees may want to qualify for increased pay and responsibility by completing two more years of school for a bachelor's degree. Students should also be prepared to earn several new certificates throughout their career in technologies that may not even exist yet, since the technology field is constantly changing.

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