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Published Mar 08, 2009

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The University of Michigan offers its 'Digital Government II (Information Technology and Democratic Administration)' course as free OpenCourseWare. The original course was part two of a two-part course that explored current obstacles, procedures and opportunities involving the convergence of information technology (IT) and democratic administration. The course was an elective in certain Master of Science in Information (MSI) specializations at the University of Michigan.

Digital Government II (Information Technology and Democratic Administration): Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Graduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Digital Government II (Information Technology and Democratic Administration): Course Description

Delve into the changing role of information technology in this free online OpenCourseWare offered by the University of Michigan. Steven Jackson taught the original seminar course, which was optionally available for Master of Science in Information (MSI) students with select concentrations. The course explored the various roles of IT and electronic democratic projects from many contexts, such as organizational, historical, current and future. Many different case studies involving democratic countries and increased government use of IT were examined from the local and regional to the international. The course explored how new advisory guidelines have begun to modify the customary systems of democratic administration. Throughout the course, an emphasis is placed on how IT continues to transform and support democratic ideals.

This free online OpenCourseWare includes lecture notes, an extensive reading list, assignments and a brief biography of the course professor. If you are interested in using this free course material, visit the information technology and democracy course page.

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