Information Retrieval Careers: Job Training and Education Requirements for a Career in Information Retrieval

Published Sep 16, 2009

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Information retrieval can include research work in libraries and retrieving medical records in an office or clinic. Information retrieval specialists should seek formal education in specialized categories for the field they choose.

Information Retrieval Career Summary

Information retrieval covers many types of retrieval methods, from management of website databases to retrieval of information in libraries. As a field of study, information retrieval consists of finding information, typically in the form of documents or text from a large collection of data or archive, to satisfy a particular need. This information is typically stored on computers, according to Stanford University, A person with a Master of Science in Information degree, such as the program offered by the University of Michigan, www., works in specialized areas like information analysis and retrieval. He or she understands information retrieval systems, information searches and relationships of information to human needs.

Education Required to Become an Information Retrieval Specialist

Information retrieval specialists may work in medical clinics, retrieving medical information and records. This position requires a high school diploma and experience in medical release of information specific to a medical office, emergency medical or hospital environment. A librarian in public and special libraries needs a Master of Library Science. People who work in computer programming, which develops the algorithms and scripts necessary for electronic information retrieval typically have a bachelor's degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Job Training and Certifications Required to Become an Information Retrieval Specialist

Although some skills can be learned on the job, certifications for an information retrieval specialist depends on career path. Nearly half of all states require a librarian to have a teacher certificate. People who choose to work in the development of information retrieval systems should hold certificates in language-specific programs, such as Java and SQL.

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