Crystal Structure Refinement OpenCourseWare: A Free Graduate Study Chemistry Class by MIT

Published Feb 12, 2009

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) free 'Crystal Structure Refinement' OpenCourseWare covers the determination and analysis of crystal structures. Students taking this graduate course usually pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry and must have a background in undergraduate organic and inorganic chemistry.

Crystal Structure Refinement: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Graduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Crystal Structure Refinement: Course Description

The Department of Chemistry at MIT in Cambridge, MA, offers this OpenCourseWare for students to explore experimental observations to determine crystal structure as well as the structure of simple and more complex molecules. The course begins by covering the basic properties of crystals and their diffraction patterns. Students use different models to look at the principles governing crystal structure. These models employ mathematical theories, such as Fourier analysis. The course also covers data analysis software and the properties of hydrogen atoms. Finally, students study the crystal properties of disordered systems, twinning and artifacts. Chemistry professor Dr. Peter Mueller teaches this course.

This OpenCourseWare includes a syllabus, lecture notes and problem sets. Those interested in this free course should visit the Crystal Structure Refinement page.

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