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Published Nov 13, 2006

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A bachelor's degree in computer electronics will provide you with the necessary leadership and communication skills you need to advance your IT career. With a bachelor's degree in computer electronics, graduates will enter the workforce in fields such as automation and manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, computer technology or and homeland security.

Summary of Computer Electronics Systems Degree Programs

Students in a bachelors degree program of Computer Electronics will play a vital role in the technological direction of an organization. They will learn how to be team oriented technicians responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing electrical equipment and electronics. Graduating students will have learned how to assist in the development, testing, production and maintenance of circuit boards, wireless phones, PDA's and medical equipment.

Specific Skills

As a Computer Electronics graduate you will be able to use testing and measuring instruments to acquire data and identify, analyze and solve technical problems in your organization. You will also analyze and implement system hardware and software components. A degree in Computer Electronics will focus on digital and analog electronics, computer hardware, computer network fundamentals, data acquisition and control systems, fiber optic technology and home technology integration. You will need to stay current in the latest technology to ensure your company does not lag behind competitors.

Typical Coursework

Though coursework will vary depending from one college to another, common areas of study in Bachelors degree programs include:

  • Fabrication Techniques
  • Advanced Computer Systems
  • Input/Output Programming
  • Hardware Systems

Career Related Information

Career Fields You Will Be Prepared to Enter

Upon graduation you will be doing business in an information-driven and technology-rich global marketplace. In your degree program you will gain firsthand experience with the very high-tech tools that companies use every day. Graduates in the field of Computer Electronics are qualified for entry-level positions in public sectors such as universities, industry and retail as well as private, not-for-profit and governmental agencies.

Occupational Outlook For Computer Electronics Including Salary Information

According to,, the national annual median wage for a graduate with a degree in Computer Electronics varies from $44,803 to $56,084. The salary will depend on the size of the institution and the region in which you are employed. Computer Electronics will likely remain one of the IT industry's fastest growing occupations today.

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