Computer Applications Software Engineers: Education and Job Training Requirements

Published Sep 01, 2009

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The design and development of computer software from word processors to games involves the expertise of a computer applications software engineer. These engineers use programming languages to program and code a piece of software. If working in a technology-heavy environment sounds intriguing, then read on to learn more about the education needed for a career as a computer applications software engineer.

Computer Applications Software Engineer Career Summary

According to O*Net (, computer applications software engineers design, modify and develop software systems by using mathematical models to predict results and outcomes. Through the use of such programming languages as Java, C and C++ , engineers are able to properly code and program information into pieces of software. The work duties of computer applications software engineers will often change with the creation of new technology, making it crucial for them to update and familiarize themselves with any changes. An engineer usually supervises programmers, technicians, technologists and other workers alongside his or her own job duties.

Education Required to Become a Computer Applications Software Engineer

A bachelor's degree with classes in computer science, computer software engineering and information technology is the minimum qualification most employers will consider. Career InfoNet (, notes that the majority of computer applications software engineers have either a bachelor's degree, a master's degree or a doctoral degree. Bachelor of Science degrees in either computer science or software engineering are the two of most popular educational choices for aspiring computer applications software engineers. Advanced degrees in areas like mathematics and systems design are extremely valuable, due to a high demand for these skills in the industry.

Job Training and Certifications Required to Become a Computer Applications Software Engineer

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) (, reports that computer applications software engineers typically receive job training through internships or co-ops with businesses. Large companies often run training programs for degree program graduates that are inexperienced in live work. Programming language certifications are useful to computer applications software engineers. While these certifications are not always necessary, employers highly recommend them.

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