Computer Software Major: Career Options for Computer Software Majors

Published Nov 04, 2009

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Employment in the field of computer software and software engineering is growing. Qualified individuals are in high demand from companies who want to take advantage of new technologies and networking capabilities. Earning an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree in computer software technology or software engineering can open the doors to many career opportunities.

Computer Software Associate's Degree Career Summary

With an associate's degree in computer software technology, such as an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Software Technology, students can become software technicians. Technicians assist software engineers in developing and implementing computer software. Graduates might also be eligible for support positions, such as computer support or application specialists or help desk technicians. These individuals provide technical support to users. They troubleshoot problems with hardware, software or computer systems.

Computer Software Bachelor's Degree Career Summary

Individuals with a bachelor's degree in computer software technology are prepared for careers as computer software engineers, who design, test and evaluate software and other equipment used in computer systems. Other graduates work as computer programmers, writing the code that tells computers and software programs what to do. Graduates can also work as computer systems analysts. Analysts create computer systems, selecting both the hardware and software components necessary to create the system. Some graduates of computer software programs enter into the field of game design, creating gaming programs for entertainment.

Computer Software Master's Degree Career Summary

A master's degree in computer software, such as a Master of Science in Software Engineering, prepares individuals for leadership and management roles within the field of software technology and engineering. Possible job titles may include software engineering manager, software development analyst, project manager or project consultant. In addition to performing software programming or engineering functions, these individuals may oversee teams of software developers, programmers or engineers.

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