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Published Nov 15, 2006

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A Communications Master's Degree provides students with information to become a strategic leader in the communications field. Students learn to facilitate ideas and how to develop and evaluate an organization's vital and creative communication concepts. A master's degree program provides solid training for students who desire to learn how to accurately analyze an audience or message and develop appropriate tactics to reach others. Students who earn a master's degree in Communications can move further in their careers as sales manager, marketing manager, advertising and promotions manager or public relations manager.

Communications Master's Degree Overview:

Summary of the Degree:

A Communications Master's Degree program includes courses pertaining to learning skills necessary to help students learn techniques to help them communicate better with specific audiences and move into new positions that require important and strategic skills in communications.

Typical Coursework:

Some of the more general courses mandatory in a master's degree of Communications program include:

  • Overall Communications Analysis, Theory and Ethics
  • Positioning and Communications Strategy
  • Survey and Analysis of Communication Application
  • Market Research
  • Business and Media Writing
  • Complete Brand Communications
  • Evaluation and Measurement
  • Communications Case Analysis
  • Strategy and Creativity in the Marketplace

Career Fields:

According to the U.S. Department of Labor,, hiring of advertising, promotions, public relations and sales manager is predicted to increase substantially for all jobs in scientific, professional, advertising and computer systems design.

Occupational Outlook:

Occupational Information Network,, reported the annual median salary for a marketing manager is $90,450, advertising and promotions manager is $66,560, a sales manager is $85,980 and a public relations specialist is $44,390.

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